Barbara Robinson

Barbara Robinson

The format is an exciting new approach to studying literature. Each page engages the student in many interesting activities. Children will explore new vocabulary in its context and answer questions that involve them in the story. Learners reflect on their own experiences to better understand those of the characters. This process ensures full comprehension of the novel. Additional activities involve illustrating, sequencing, analyzing characters, and point of view.

The literature study concludes with an organized and detailed book summary. A simple rubric is included for grading the book summary.

Get involved with the story and become a better reader.

(The product sample images are from various category workbooks. The images represent the consistant set of activities for all of this category’s workbooks. The specifics to each product will be different.)

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Barbara Robinson's "Best Ever" Series
Synopsis: The Herdmans are rotten, dirty, and crazy. They create disasters everywhere they go and never get caught doing it, even though everyone knows they caused it. They don’t limit their mischief to school. The whole town is always on the look out for them. Experience what it would be lik..
Barbara Robinson's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Synopsis: Some might think it was Charlie’s fault. Some might think it was just another part of life the Herdmans had not destroyed yet. Whatever the reason, when the Herdmans show up for Sunday School, the whole town takes notice. It is perfect timing, too. It is time for the Christmas Pageant a..
Barbara Robinson's The Best Halloween Ever
Synopsis: Autumn is time of celebration. It is a time when you think of fun with leaves, school starting, and celebrating Halloween. In a town with the Herdmans, it is a little different. You think of any kind of fall disaster that can happen. That is why the mayor and the school principal decide..
Barbara Robinson's The Best School Year Ever
Synopsis: When you think of the coming school year, you think of all of the learning and fun with friends you are going to have. At Woodrow Wilson School, all the students can think about is which Herdman they were going to have in their classroom. It isn’t a pleasant thought either. The Herd..