R. L. Stine's Goosebumps My Bestfriend is Invisible

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Book Synopsis: 
What does a child do when their parents don’t pay attention to them?  The child misbehaves and tells stories.  What if the child doesn’t misbehaves and tells stories but his invisible friend does?  Well, that is a problem Sammy is faced with.
Sammy’s parents are scientists that are so involved in their work they don’t notice their own children.  When strange things start happening around the house and they start noticing, Sammy takes the blame.
Do you want an invisible friend that gets you in trouble with your parents?  I don’t think Sammy does either.

Product Summary:
The Goosebumps series of novel studies from New Learning Publishing offers a complete novel study with vocabulary development and comprehension assessment.  In addition to these basic reading skills, each novel study in the series introduces grammar skills to help build students grammar through the context of the story. Included in this novel study are:
Words to Know                                               
Reading Comprehension                               
Prefixes re- and un-                                        
Word Groups
Illustrating an Event Activity                   
Novel Summary                                              
Creative Writing                                              
Answer Key                                                    
Total Pages
21 pages


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