Novel Ideas - Intermediate

Using the novel study


The novel study can be used in four ways:

· Independent reading at student created paced

· Small group independent reading at student created paced

· Small group reading guided by the teacher

· Whole class reading guided by the teacher

Each chapter or set of chapters has a particular task:


Students need to be able to write the definition/meaning of the word in their own words as the word is used in the story. If they are unable to, they need to find the word in the dictionary and match the correct definition with the context that the word is used in the book.

Short response questions:

The questions come in two forms. The first is basic comprehension directly from the story. This is your “Who, What, Where, When, Why and How” question.

The second form is analysis of information and events in the story. The student is required to explain an answer, respond as if they were in the story, or state what they think the character(s) should do.

The remaining sections; Illustration, Sequencing, Character Analysis, Point of View and Book Summary are key components in studying literature in a detailed and meaningful way. The directions for each part are given within each section.

(The product sample images are from various category workbooks. The images represent the consistant set of activities for all of this category’s workbooks. The specifics to each product will be different.)

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3 Great Dog Stories
Sounder Synopsis: Sounder is a story about a poor rural African-American family in 19th Century America. The father is a sharecropper who is having a very hard time keeping enough food on the table. Every night he hunts with his dog, Sounder. Every night he returns with nothing for his family to ..
Andrew Clement's Frindle
Synopsis: Nick Allen wasn’t like the rest of the kids in his school. He liked to point out things that weren’t right. He liked the challenge of making an idea of his a reality. Sometimes they went well and everyone was all for it. One time it changed how everyone looked at something as simple as ..
Andrew Clements' The Jacket
Synopsis: When Phil mistakes another boy for his younger brother Jimmy, his whole world is turned upside down. The only reason he mistook the boy for Jimmy is because the boy was wearing Jimmy’s one of a kind jacket from Italy. The young boy was African American and now Phil thinks he is racist b..
Barbara Robinson's "Best Ever" Series
Synopsis: The Herdmans are rotten, dirty, and crazy. They create disasters everywhere they go and never get caught doing it, even though everyone knows they caused it. They don’t limit their mischief to school. The whole town is always on the look out for them. Experience what it would be lik..
Barbara Robinson's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Synopsis: Some might think it was Charlie’s fault. Some might think it was just another part of life the Herdmans had not destroyed yet. Whatever the reason, when the Herdmans show up for Sunday School, the whole town takes notice. It is perfect timing, too. It is time for the Christmas Pageant a..
Barbara Robinson's The Best Halloween Ever
Synopsis: Autumn is time of celebration. It is a time when you think of fun with leaves, school starting, and celebrating Halloween. In a town with the Herdmans, it is a little different. You think of any kind of fall disaster that can happen. That is why the mayor and the school principal decide..
Barbara Robinson's The Best School Year Ever
Synopsis: When you think of the coming school year, you think of all of the learning and fun with friends you are going to have. At Woodrow Wilson School, all the students can think about is which Herdman they were going to have in their classroom. It isn’t a pleasant thought either. The Herd..
Betsy Byars' The Summer of the Swan
Synopsis: Sara Godfrey is a fourteen-year-old girl caught in a difficult time in her life. She and her beautiful sister and different brother are living with their bossy Aunt Willie. Her father is rarely in the picture since their mother passed away. Up until now, everything in Sara’s life was ea..
C. S. Lewis' Prince Caspian
Synopsis: The four Pevensie children are off to Narnia again. Caspian has blown Queen Susan’s Horn, the horn that calls for help in a time of most need. The Horn has brought the children from England to Narnia. They couldn’t have come in a more needed time. Miraz has made himself king of Narn..
C. S. Lewis' The Horse and His Boy
Synopsis: This adventure begins during the Golden Age of Narnia. A young boy comes across a talking horse and discovers the horse wishes to go to Narnia, just like he does. Along the way, the boy, Shasta, joins up with another talking horse and a young girl, Aravis. Before Shasta’s adventure ends..
C. S. Lewis' The Last Battle
Synopsis: Narnia is being deceived by another Aslan. This Aslan is not kind and loving like the one they heard about in all the stories and legends of the past. This Aslan is allowing them to be taken over by the Calormenes. The king of Narnia, Tirian, can do nothing to stop it. Even with the..
C. S. Lewis' The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
Synopsis: During a fun game of hide-and-go-seek, Lucy found a most unusual wardrobe. At first, her brothers and sister did not believe her. Before long, they would discover how a simple wardrobe in a simple room could change their lives forever. Step into the wardrobe with Peter, Edmund, Susa..