Novel Ideas - Series Sets

These print and use workbook series sets are child-directed novel studies. There is no teacher or parental prep time required. These novel study series’ approach three keys to success for young readers.

The first key is learning and understanding the use of new vocabulary. Children will practice writing, spelling, and using new words that are used in the novel.

The second key is reading comprehension. Young readers concentrate so hard on reading the new words that they often forget what the story is actually about. The questions in the novel studies will ensure that the student will return to the story to pull out information from the plot. This provides the opportunity for the child to remember the joy of reading a good story.

The third key is writing. The provided writing tasks apply the concepts learned through the first two types of activities. The learner will use the new vocabulary words and respond to questions about the story in complete thoughts. In the last writing piece, students are asks to complete a creative writing activity that relates to the story’s themes.

This easy to use guide will ensure that the young reader attains the three key elements to becoming a successful reader and writer. It will also engage the reader in the learning process and provide creative opportunities to apply their new knowledge.