Early Learning

New Learning Publishing’s Early Learning Series offers teachers and parents a skills based program for teaching and reinforcing basic reading, writing, and math skills.

The Reading Games Series includes a collection of hands-on, ready to use games, which provide the student with an opportunity to learn and reinforce sight words and word families. Continued reinforncement of these skills leads to higher frequency and better comprehension. These books are available in four different levels.

The Day by Day Series offers students a daily reinforcement of a variety of math and english language arts skills and is designed to provide activities themed for each month of the year.

Early Learning also includes a Flip and Read book for work on sight words and Build It, Write It, which helps to reinforce spelling and sight word development. All of these books are adaptable to the particular skill level of the individual student and are great for full class or individualized instruction.

If you are looking for a skills program for your student(s), then this is the place to look! Elementary teachers with over 30 years of teaching experience design our Early Learning Products. This means a high quality, classroom tested program that is ready for you to use. Check out the product previews for more information.