New Learning Publishing is the combined efforts of a group of teachers who were looking for print and use classroom resources.  At the time, there were few resources that could be downloaded and printed.  The group had made several resources and looked into a way that these materials could be shared in a format that was easily assessable and user friendly. The use of the e-book format enabled the team to produce hundreds of products in a variety of topics and to release them to an unlimited audience.

In 2006 New Learning Publishing was officially formed.  The group of teachers continue to teach elementary and middle school while regularly adding new products.  As the company has grown, it has added more highly qualified teacher-authors to its staff and continues to accept submissions from other teachers who feel they have quality products to share. 
New Learning Publishing’s mission is to make educators’ lives just a little easier by providing teachers, parents, and homeschool families with resources that are print-ready, easy to use, and adaptable to many different teaching situations. We understand that teachers never have the planning time they need to create detailed novel studies or skills review programs, so we have worked to provide these for topics that are interesting to students and meet the grade level requirements.
New Learning Publishing currently offers products in English Language Arts, Daily Skills Review, and Phonics Development.  The products cover grades K-8 and are helpful to both new and veteran teachers because of the variety of ideas presented and the fact that there is very little prep needed to implement these materials.  Most of the products can be used immediately upon purchasing and printing them.
Everyone at New Learning Publishing hopes that you enjoy the products offered and welcome any feedback you have to offer.
Email us at newlearningpublishing@gmail.com or call us at 585-797-8307