E-novel: The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes

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The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes is a children’s book written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter, and published in 1911. Timmy Tiptoes is a squirrel believed a nut-thief by his fellows, and imprisoned by them in a hollow tree with the expectation that he will confess under confinement. Timmy is tended by Chippy Hackee, a friendly, mischievous chipmunk who has run away from his wife and is camping-out in the tree. Chippy urges the prisoner to eat the nuts stored in the tree, and Timmy does so but grows so fat he cannot escape the tree. He regains his freedom when a storm topples part of the tree. The tale contrasts the harmonious marriage of its titular character with the less than harmonious marriage of the chipmunk.

The Value of an Electronic Version Novel

Whether you have 20 students in your classroom or 150 students on your team or cluster, you only have to purchase one copy.
Class sets of novels suffer wear and tear over time and become a replacement cost.
It can be read on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and cellphone because it is in PDF format.
All students have access to at least one form of e-device. You can purchase this product and email it, or selected sections of it, to all of your students as a classroom resource.
The teacher can use the entire novel or selected excerpts in printed, electronic, and/or Smartboard© formats as a homework assignment or as a classroom lesson.
Purchase several e-novels and create an electronic library on your teacher web page for your students and their families to access from home.

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